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Lop Chop Chip Tree Services

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Lop Chop Chip has been providing its domestic, commercial and government clients a comprehensive set of Bay Island tree services for over 15 years.

Lop Chop Chip has a number of qualified arborists and tree care services provider based in the Bay Islands, servicing Macleay Island, Russell Island, Lamb Island, Karragarra Island, Stradbroke Island, Moreton Bay Island and the greater Redland City area. They are the longest standing arborist business in the Bay Islands.

Raice Nicholls, the colourful and entrepreneurial owner operator of Lop Chop Chip came to be an arborist quite late in an extraordinary life punctuated by extreme sports, extensive overseas travel, working in nightclubs and bars on Hayman Island, starting a mobile hamburger business in Noosa, and selling cleaning products across Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South East Asia with a seven figure salary in Taiwan all before his mid 20s.

It was in Taiwan that he met his wife Chi Chi who confided in Raice that she had always wanted to start a pub! “Let’s do it” said Raice and so that was how they came to start Cheap Charlie’s Bar in what was literally a hole in the wall where they served drinks from the footpath. Success created staggering sales and an extension followed down the road with Cheeky Charlie’s a restaurant/pub/night club. After most of this time spent working all night Raice realised that even though he was still only in his mid 30s, perhaps it was time to slow down.

In the year 2000 Raice and Chi Chi decided it was finally time to call Australia home!

father wanted to buy a small house on Macleay and Raice and Ch Chi loved the location and so they all started living in the little house. Their two children loved life in the bush, and somehow Raice convinced the backyard blitz team that their little home was a worthy contender for a TV makeover!

Today, through much hard work and effort, they have transformed the business into a successful company and one of the leading providers of tree and vegetation management solutions in the Redland City area.

Raice Nicholls, Managing Director, Lop Chop Chip